Artem set for a Strictly Cruise

Artem will be onboard the Azura cruise ship for another P&O Strictly Come Dancing themed cruise in July 2016. The cruise runs from July 22nd setting sail from Southampton in the UK, sailing to some fabulous Mediterranean cities, including Gibraltar, Corsica and Rome. Artem will be onboard from the 27th of July. …

Birthday Thank You from Artem

Artem has been overwhelmed by all of your Birthday Wishes and Messages to his Social Media on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


Today is Artems Birthday

Today is Artems 34th Birthday, he will be Travelling to Europe today to board the P&O Strictly Come Dancing Cruise on The …


Dance Cruise For Artem

Artem is boarding The Britannia Cruise Ship which sets sail for 13 Nights on the 5th of June 2016 leaving from the …